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Bath and Body Works Candles Review - London Calling & Paris Daydream

Bath and Body Works Candles Review: London Calling & Paris Daydream

When Bath and Body Works has their 2-for-$22 sale on their beastly 3-wick candles, it is hard to walk out empty handed. These 2 candles are the 14.5oz 3-wick candles from their City Collection, and normally retail for $22.50 each.

Besides the fact that I have very fond memories of the two cities these candles are named after, these candles have a fun little design on their lids (which isn't common on the regular run-of-the-mill B&BW candle) and they look beautiful on your bedside. Their designs also make some sleek storage containers which I'll show a little later.

Onto the review!

Bath and Body Works Candles Review - London Calling

London Calling

"Tea and Lemon: A royal blend to send your senses across the pond." 

First off, the smell doesn't evoke London at all. The sweet lemon smell is very similar to Lipton iced tea, and trust me--there aint nobody in London drinking that.

So does it smell like London? No. However, the description is apt. Tea? Check. Lemon? Check. The bright and sugary lemon smell blends in very well with the earthy Earl Grey-esque notes, and starts to adopt pleasant somewhat "grassy" notes after burning for a while. This is a perfect spring scent in my opinion, and a pretty unique scent as far as candles go. I think lemon scents can cross the line into the "household cleaning products" arena fairly quickly, but this one does a good job of staying away from that.

The throw and strength of this candle is very good; I lit the candle upstairs in my room, and within 10 minutes I could smell it downstairs. I lit it last night, and the scent still lingered well into the next night.

Bath and Body Works Candles Review - Paris Daydream

Paris Daydream

"City of Love: A blend of watery notes, moss and mandarin."

This scent is divine. As others have noted on the B&BW site, this scent is more unisex and significantly less cloyingly sweet like many other candles are. It is an extremely clean smell that is the love child between fresh laundry and the cologne department of Nordstrom. Compared to the scent of London Calling, it is more "romantic" and carries more warmth and depth which would make it perfect in winter as well as spring.

Paris Daydream does not have quite the same longevity as London Calling, but it fills my bedroom nicely and lasts for a few hours after being extinguished. This one would have to be my favorite out of the two. 

I wasn't always a big fan of candles, but I've grown to love them. They add a lot of je ne sais quoi to a room, making rooms more welcoming and inviting even when they aren't lit at that exact moment. Whenever my candles run out, I miss having the soft glow and scents wafting in my room, and my addiction starts anew. 

What made my ridiculous attachment to candles a little more palatable was the fact that the candle jars made for gnarly containers after they were finished. 

Here is one of my old Mahogany and Teakwood candle jars, which I have used to hold my bracelets, rings, and other miscellaneous jewelry. They are more organized like this, and certainly look better in there than in a plate or tossed on my desk. 

Waste not, want not no? 

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