Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Skin - Babyface Waterproof Eyeliner & Natural Eyebrow Review

It's Skin - Babyface Waterproof Eyeliner & Natural Eyebrow Review
잇츠스킨 - 베이비페이스 워터프루프 아이라이너 & 내츄럴 아이브로우
To be frank, one of the best things about Asian cosmetics is the packaging--I mean how cute are these eyeliners and eyebrow pencils from It's Skin? They look almost like the Korean cousin of Topshop cosmetics, and that's a compliment. 

Both of these items rang up under $5 for me at my local Korean supermarket; a price point quite close to American drug stores. 

So we've established that they're cute, and they're cheap--but are they any good? 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bath and Body Works Candles Review - London Calling & Paris Daydream

Bath and Body Works Candles Review: London Calling & Paris Daydream

When Bath and Body Works has their 2-for-$22 sale on their beastly 3-wick candles, it is hard to walk out empty handed. These 2 candles are the 14.5oz 3-wick candles from their City Collection, and normally retail for $22.50 each.

Besides the fact that I have very fond memories of the two cities these candles are named after, these candles have a fun little design on their lids (which isn't common on the regular run-of-the-mill B&BW candle) and they look beautiful on your bedside. Their designs also make some sleek storage containers which I'll show a little later.

Onto the review!

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