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Commodity Goods Fragrance Fitting Kit Review

Commodity Goods - Fragrance Fitting Kit Review

Finding a new fragrance is often like dating--there’s a lot of “No, they’re great; a total catch! Just not for me,” and abstract notions of whether it feels right.

It’s a fickle business.

I personally suffer from fragrance indecision all the time at Sephora, which makes me a nightmare for all the ladies who work there.

Consequently, when I saw the Commodity Goods Fitting Kit, I thought two things:

  1. It’s a fantastic idea.
  2. I must have it.

The Try at Home Kit is here!

Commodity Goods is an LA based company offering premium perfumes and colognes with two main collections--black ("complex; intense"),  and white ("simple; airy"). Their mascot is Eau de Bear, a "scent sommelier" which also happens to be a giant brown bear. It's weird/adorable/terrifying.

They put a lot of focus on creating "scent cocktails" in which you essentially layer different items in their range together. Not exactly the first people to do this (I believe Fresh were big advocates of layering scents), but it works well for their products.

How it works: for $24, you get 10 samples of the entire Commodity Goods fragrance range. In the comfort of your own home and to the annoyance of your housemates, you can spray all the fragrances you want and contemplate them as long as you like. The Fitting Kit also comes with a little card that lets you write notes about your thoughts on all the fragrances. When you finally decide which fragrance is your favorite, you can receive one rollerball of your choice free of charge.

They also have the “Trio” package in which you can receive three rollerballs, and the “100” package in which you get a full-sized bottle of the perfume.

Got it? Good! Let’s dive in.

All 9 samples of the Commodity Fitting Kit

As I’ve gone through all the fragrances, it’s become clear to me that not all of the fragrances agree with me (the words “watery bathroom cleaner” and “damp alley” have made their way onto my notes). However, I actually think this is a good thing. This is precisely what the kit is great for--letting you sample everything and finding out what you like and don’t like.

Let's talk about the ones I did like:

Beautiful gold lettering above

Moss (black collection): This one was a surprise favorite for me. Forest and "nature" scents tend to trigger memories of camping or gin for me, so I avoid them as a general rule. However, this is the very best of fresh outdoor scents. Although fairly sharp initially, it mellows out over time and wears well--a beautiful scent.

Rain (white collection): Rain is a sporty scent, which reminds me of a more mature Burberry Brit Sheer. A calming scent which smells a bit like fresh laundry. Unlike a lot of the other Commodity scents, there isn't a lot of spicy notes which makes it a little easier to wear.

Gold (white collection): From what I can see on Instagram and blogs, Gold is one of the most popular Commodity Fragrances, and I can see why. Although it's strong upon initial application (I have "grandma" written here), it dries down into a warm vanilla scent with a hint of grass notes. I know I know, that sounds gross. If it helps, imagine someone wearing the best vanilla fragrance while walking in a green meadow. Just trust me--it's good.

Now, I have only tried the scents alone. However, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of having all the scents at your disposable, and try different combinations. (I've heard Mimosa and Gold go beautifully together.)

Overall, a great buy if you're a big fan of fragrances and having choices. You get to spend time with scents outside of your comfort zone, and get a free Commodity item which are just insanely beautiful to look at. Win-win.

And that's it! The Commodity Goods Fitting Kit Review


  1. This is so interesting! I'd love to try Paper, Tea, and Book :3


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