Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shiseido: UV Protective Liquid Foundation SPF 42 Review

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation Review

I find it odd that a lot of reviews of foundations don’t include information on whether the product transfers or not. Regardless of how flawlessly applied, if a foundation transfers onto your sunglasses/shirt/friend’s shirt/etc, everyone will know that you're wearing foundation.

Luckily, this SPF-laden liquid foundation from Shiseido does a great job of adhering to your face and not leaving little marks on everything that touches your face.
The Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation is a highly pigmented yet watery formula similar to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua. The product comes with its own foundation sponge housed in a matching blue box, and the sponge applies the foundation beautifully. In the States, the foundation comes with SPF 42, is available in 8 different shades, and retails for ~$36 USD. The particular one I have and will be reviewing is shade SP10 Light Beige.

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation Review - Complimentary Sponge

How to apply: Shake the dickens out of it. Apply a small amount (I usually aim for a shallow puddle the size of a nickel) to the back of your hand and apply to face with fingers, brush, or a sponge. The foundation hovers between medium to high coverage, and only the strongest of skin pigmentation continues to show through the foundation.

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation Review - Shade SP10 Light Beige


Pros: Right off the bat, this is one of the best foundations I’ve used. It feels great on the skin, is easy to blend, and feels almost invisible following application. This bad boy lasts forever--I have worn this foundation on nights out where I don’t always get the chance to touch up and it looks almost exactly the same. This. Does. Not. Budge. In line with the not budging thing, this foundation doesn’t transfer (much) once it has been set on the face.

Furthermore, my skin has reacted well to it. Normally if I wear BB creams or foundations, my sensitive & acne-prone skin needs to take a few days to recover and may develop a few spots. With the Shiseido foundation, my skin is perfectly fine given that it is cleansed properly.

It provides a lot of coverage and SPF, making it great for spring and summer although I’ve been wearing it in cool and warm weather alike.

Cons: It can definitely emphasize dryness or flakiness in the skin. I highly, highly encourage users to exfoliate and/or moisturize before applying this foundation. If you have chronically dry or flaky skin, I would advise you to get a sample or tester of this foundation before making the investment.

Another drawback is the limited range of colors. The colors are fine for this blanched and yellow-toned lady, but for many others finding the correct shade might be a struggle.

Lastly, blending can be a struggle depending on what you use to apply it. I personally find a dense rounded brush (I use the Sonia Kashuk 121) or a sponge to have the easiest and most flawless result. A soft, sparse foundation brush is not your friend in this situation.

Although definitely pricey compared to drugstore foundations, I think the longevity and results offered by the foundation are well worth it.

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