Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jill Stuart: Mix Blush Compact in Sunny Holiday Review

Jill Stuart's Mixed Blush Compact in N 05 Review
ジルスチュアート ミックスブラッシュ コンパクト (05) "sunny holiday"
This blush quad by Jill Stuart has been a long coveted item for me, ever since it was released years ago on what seemed to be every single Japanese beauty magazine . Although they’re difficult to find in the States, I luckily came across the Jill Stuart counter in my most recent trip to Hong Kong, and are still available online. 

Swatches of the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact

There are 4 blushes which include 2 bright pink shades and 2 coral blushes. All the blushes work wonderfully on their own, but one of the best parts of this quad is the ability to blend multiple blushes together to make a custom color. All of the blushes have a slight subtle shimmer, but it’s very fine and not glittery at all. 

Inside packaging

All the colors are very soft, but the color can be built up without a problem. In short: it’s versatile, beautiful, and a joy to use.

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